Water Testing

Water is needed by all forms of life but can come in a whole spectrum of qualities from turbid and saline to pure rainwater. We know better than anyone how the quality of your bore, dam, creek or tank water can affect your business or home. Even tap water can contain impurities that can affect taps, pipes and sensitive equipment. We can offer solutions for a range of water qualities and their end use.

  • under sink filtration
  • reverse osmosis purification
  • sand filtration for commercial crops
  • addition of chemicals to remove impurities

While only reverse osmosis can remove salt from water, the addition of a magnetic treatment to irrigation water appears to visibly improve the level of salinity tolerance of many plants and grasses. It can also cut down on the corrosion and buildup of salts on tap ware. To read more about the use of magnets to treat high conductivity water visit the Growflow website, click here.

If you are ready to send us a water sample for testing please purchase a water testing kit

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